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Dora Lewis

Hallelujah Live

Hallelujah Live

Artist: Nathaniel Bassey
Label: Nathaniel Bassey Music
Genre: Gospel
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The only way to describe this project is to call it a “FEAST OF SPIRITUAL SONGS !”
One of the most powerful body of work I have done by God’s Grace to date. It’s always from glory to glory!
You have heard TOBECHUKWU. But there’s more.
Over 2hrs 30 minutes of Thanksgiving, Praise, worship, Affirmation, Chant, and intercessory and consecration songs! Titled HALLELUJAH LIVE.
All I can say is MAKE ROOM for this on your playlist. You will Sing, shout, dance, worship, bow, cry, reflect, pray, declare, and be immersed in this River. If features my dear friends @victoriaorenze @pastorwilliammcdowell @therealsinach @ntokozombambo @nqbkm @mercychinwo


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